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Wow ! They look *amazing*.
Definately an item of 'skill' ... very impressive.

Don't you just love using new materials to do 'old' work ? So satisfying.

I can think of a 1000 uses for these ..

Dammit, Janet. I love it.

i love this theme, the stretch!
I have been looking at different materials to wezve, hadnt thought if crochet, do you twist the twist ties together first?
cant quite see how you have done this, it would be a good way to recylcle the buggers.

Tiff, I bought the the twist tie in a roll so I didn't have to join it. Unfortunately not a way to recycle the short ones. But it was fascinating to crochet, quite pliable yet mouldable.

Excellent! I freakin love these. I think I'll have to host you for a crochet session...

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