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I agree with G about Blonde on Blonde. But Highway 61 Revisited is a big fave too.

I love Highway 61 Revisited too, being the first Dylan album I got... Previously, it all sounded like droning or something.

I loved this post - I always find your posts so beautiful and imagery-loaded, perhaps i'll take a letter .. it's an interesting concept.

I too like the groan of my wicker basket, and I so love your Tony, if only through pictoral association. I sure miss my Hamlyn.

h&b, I picked out an "A" from the scrabble bag and look forward to your list...


And I'm in a little bit of trouble, apparently G didn't call my choice in Dylan songs girlie, and said that it could be argued that Blonde on Blonde is the best album. Not that it was the best. Smells like pedantry to me....

Wonderful list Janet. Dusk light is something really special. I've tried to take photos during those few moments and have never quite managed to capture the intensity of the light...

I love the photo of your laundry basket and the back-story and can almost hear the creak.

Bog sage, ah, I need some bog sage in the bit of my garden where the stormwater runs off.

My laundry baskets talk to me too. One's old, one new.

Lovely idea. I'll take a letter if you have a spare.

Hit me with a letter - I need some post inspiration.

Lovely B post.

OK then.

Suse, you can have "R". Next time we meet, I'll try and remember to give you some bog sage. We have plenty, despite it not being very boggy anywhere.

Penni, how about a "D"?

I enjoyed this meme too.

Janet, thanks for stopping by my blog. So glad you are feeling more yourself. I can so much color in this post which confirms you must be on the mend. I adore beet risotto. It tastes like spring to me- sweet and slightly earthy.

I'd love a letter to play along, too.

Your cat is called Tony?

Rachael, how about a "C"? Look forward to your take on this.

Elsewhere, yes indeed our cat is called Tony. I really should post some proper pictures of him, as I have lots.

I love your basket. I adore baskets .. options for open storage :)

Hmm - an "A".
Will require thought, and time .. I will let you know when i'm onto it ;)

I love this one :)

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