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:) it looks like my tortoise shell cat :)

I just had to check out your post when I saw the title! I, too, have lived in some homes with quite hideous carpet, so I can totally relate :) Great shot.

I love the different textures and colors in this photo! The blockiness (can I make up words on your blog?) really adds the feeling you have toward the carpet, too...the way it breaks the flow, makes it discordant to the eye.

Hey! I know carpet just like that and that photo really took me back.

I think it's compulsory for rental houses to have awful carpets. I do the same thing with photos of our home.

i love your story!!

Tell me they're not animal print uggs,

or I think I might DIE of envy.

cool photo!

It's really really really good not having carpet in any rooms except the bedrooms. So much less stress.

Sounds like fun all that rippin' but whose gunna pull out all those little tacks?

it was the best thing about finally buying our own house, before we even moved in, we ripped up the horrid gold/green carpet to reveal the beautiful maple wood floors :) felt so darn good not to have to live with other people's design ... :)

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