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I love looking at houses. Before I bought the house we're now in, I'd go looking every weekend.

Interesting about the 'no bath' comment. I recently renovated my bathroom (1950s weatherboard house), and pulled out the bath and added a second toilet in its place. 5 people, 1 toilet, no one using the bath, so it works for us! I know that I'll be living in this house till I'm carried out in a pine box in another 80 years, so resale wasn't an issue.

Removing cladding.... it usually contains a bit of asbestos... just enough to make it expensive to get rid of. The relief you feel when the ugliness factor goes is priceless, though.

Love that kitchen wallpaper and clock.

With me, eye tics are fatigue. When Son #3 was about 6 months old and the reality of life with three tiny children was sinking in, I developed a twitch in my left eye that I had for a YEAR.

I love both of these kitchens. Couldn't you have both and just go back and forth as the mood strikes you? That would be great.
A few years ago, I started getting a twitch in my right eye, then an almost constant headache on the right side of my head came on for - almost a year. Not fun. Turned out I had a pinch in my neck. Chiropracter fixed me right up. Try doing some neck rolls and stretches. Feel better!

Looking at houses, worrying about which to bid on, filling in for someone at work ... You don't think your tic could have anything to do with stress do you? That's when mine pops up.

That is a kicker of a dilemma. This whole process sounds so tiring, not at all the fun it should be, peering into people's lives.

I really love that wallpaper, and in a non-ironic way.

I have just been catching up on all your house hunting journeys! I have to say the description of the first house sounds eerily like my own. Many rooms, seemingly stacked one upon another of differing sizes but I love it. So much scope for change and re-arrangement which has been used a good deal over the past eight years I can tell you.

And I am soooooooooo glad (read here: very!) that you mentioned your eye tick (and that Suse responded about her own in her comment) as I have had one develop over the past couple of months and didn't know what to make of it and whether I should have it investigated. It definitely comes and goes so I will now keep an eye (no pun intended!) on it and see when it happens - i.e. when under stress or tired and such. My intial reaction was panic as anything related to my eyes usually means (in my head anyway!) that I'm about to go blind ;-) And with all the reading I do.....

Pretty much what Kris said, but from me.

p.s. Do you think they'd let you keep the clock? You could get it written in to the contract of sale.

Making huge decisions like this stresses me to the hilt!!! So having work stress too, in my opinion, means you deserve extra cool pampering right now ;)

Ooh I hope you can buy the house you want soon as you seem to always like something about them but not really love them. Perhaps tiredness is the key to the twitch as I get them when I am really exhausted. Good luck with the new position too.

Both of those kitchens look so cool. I adore old kitchen. We just got a new house (well, havn't signed the papers yet, but it's a done deal) and the bathroom has wallpaper - very pleasing. Hope you're doing good with everything.

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