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:) glad you are starting to enjoy the new camera!! the house plan looks interesting and it seems like a lot of good workable space ... good luck ...

That does sound like a dream suburb!

i've just commented over at your flickr, so had to follow you here next ;)

As for the 'lounge at the front', we got one here, and at first I was like 'this is a useless room', BUT, the genius of it is:

It's a formal room, a CLEAN room, a room in which to invite strangers into, without letting them into your domain down the other end, where the TV and the toys and the mess are. It's a way of entertaining without sharing your intimacies.

And did I mention, it's always clean ?
We call ours 'the train room', as it always has the trainset set up on the rug. It is a great escape for me to sit in there and read, and we made it so there is no tv and no music in there. It is a quiet room, away from family life, which is at the other end.

AND, we figure, it will be the 'slippers and a pipe' room later on, when the teens take over and are doing all sorts of disgusting things we don't want to know about down the back.

Oh - and the couch in there is also a pull-out bed ... so effectively, it's also a guest room.

I can send you my plans if you like.

Good luck today at auction !

( Sorry about the long comment ;)

Soooo? Waiting with bated breath.
I adore that wallpaper.
Yes, the Secret Suburb it's called here. I have actually dreamed about the Secret Suburb, it has a wild park in it too, with lots of gum trees and probaby a creek, though you can actually walk to the city. Ours is probably a little to the east, closer to Preston than Pascoe Vale.

My Saturday night thrill - the Muppinstuff house round up. Not quite sure, but I wait with baited breath for the unveiling of the secret suburb, and the auction results and the vicarious thrill of possibilities.

I'd second h&b comments. Our house has the same kind of set up and it does allow for one peaceful room, relatively untouched by scraps of food and tea towels used as baby blankets.

I'm in awe of your commitment to getting the right house Janet, and not just anything to get into the market or anything that takes your immediate fancy. It must take a will of iron and nerves of steel some days. Our first house we bought because I liked the feel of it and it reminded me of the houses I'd lived in in Brisbane. We somehow failed to acknowledge it was on a major road (and I hate traffic noise) and that what was kind of funky in our sub-tropical share house days was pretty grim in a Tassie winter. It was a disaster.

I would want that carpet and that wallpaper.

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