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It's big, isn't it? Something to remember. I've been all for it and yet I'm still surprised by how much emotion his speech and the significance of this day aroused in me. And then due to swimming lessons I missed the whole Nelson speech. But like you I don't want this day dragged down my his lack of judgement.

And I had to shush my small child during the speech too, he told me off afterwards for not listening to him.

I heard Rudd's speech and got all teary and proud, then only heard the first few minutes of Nelson's (owing to have to go in the door at work, etc) but it felt like justifications were going on alongside the apology. In Nelson's speech, I mean. What was the reaction? I won't be able to see the news tonight either ... thanks to yoga class.

It felt like an important day in our history, didn't it? And the beginning of a new era. Let's hope they follow through and it's not just waffle and spin.

I didn't get to hear the speech today, but even just reading the text makes me feel emotional and proud.

I felt excited leading up to the day. Unfortunately missed hearing the speech live (bloody work!) but felt very moved by how emotional other people were telling me about it, including school kids. I think it was a very significant day for Australia.

Wasn't it great! I too felt prouder and more grown up about being an Australian on Feb 13 than I have for many a year.

I work with many Indigenous people as clients and I was very moved by the day. Beautifully worded.

Thanks Kevin. Job well done. It means a lot to all of us.

sorry, I tagged you for a meme!

Downloaded speech on my laptop here in VN. Felt a new beginning for Australia: less materialism and self-centredness - hopefully more compassion for others less fortunate. About time.

Wasn't it just incredible.. and man you wrote this post so well, one of the best posts on the day that I've read.

You have been kissed by the craft fairy.

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