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Oooh, how exciting! What an adrenalin rush... and no more house hunting - think how much free time you'll have to plan your garden :)

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.

As soon as I saw your blog highlighted in my feeds I thought, "ooo, I wonder if they bought the house." Excellent news. There's nothing like having your own place. I know I love having my modest little house... no one can take it away from us. Have fun plotting and planning.... that's the best part!

I'm awfully pleased for you.

It'll be great.

Where is it?

Janet!! How freaking exciting - I'm leaping out of my skin. You did it! You really did it!

Looks purrfect, well done. Good on you. And hooray. And I blew up the sign and read the print, and it's in the right suburb too!!!!!!!!! Yayayayayayayay. I'm so happy for you.

I'm so not into gratuitous face kissing.

Fantastic, Janet, congratulations. You will love the house, not many things are as satisfying as fixing up your own place.

I think auctioneers and real estate agents have real difficulty getting their heads around women as property buyers. I did the bidding on behalf of my parents buying an investment house a few months back: the auctioneer pointed to me and said something about 'it's with the gentleman in the middle', and there was a lot of banter and witticism about a 'lady' making bids against men. When I told them I was a proxy bidder for my parents, they heard that as 'for your dad'.

Congratulations! That's so exciting. I hope this turns into a delightful happy family home for you.

That is brilliant brilliant news. I'm so happy for you.


I'm so happy for you! Oh my goodness, this is very exciting. A home-owner! Can't get my still-renting head round it. Whoo!!

Janet, I am SO excited for you. Thanks for the hilarious auction recap and, yes, what is with the kissing? (Do I know you???)

By the way, you look fabulous in that photo!! Home ownership must agree with you! I love the skirt.

Good luck. Post lots of pictures.

Carolyn x (another kiss!!)

congrats to the happy new homeowners

oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh ... i am beaming happy over here for you :)

kiss kiss, tee hee

its coming up two years since we bought ours and its been a lot of crazy work and still is though our garden is finally taking shape and it so feels wonderful still and really it is so fabulous to have a house that is a home :)

congratulations honey, xo

Splendid news! Gosh, makes me want to "start all over again" with a fixer-upper. I enjoyed thinking about all the possibilities - and had plenty of time to do so, while money was being saved!

Oh, well done, well done, well done. You all look so happy, as of course you would.

On the no garden: well, you don't have to work around other people's mistakes; you'll get to do it just the way you want.

Congratulations. And kiss, kiss (I am a gratuitous kisser - suck it up).

huge big congrats!

I can't wait for the upcoming posts of you and Grace in the new garden together, planting, digging, growing, I LOVE IT! Well done on the auction, how long's the settlement? You might be moving in just in time for spring... so excited for you ! xo Mags

im really happy for you and your family too.


CONGRATULATIONS! How exciting! I'm thrilled for you, may it be the house of your dreams!

Good? GOOD? OMG, congrats! Well done, I just know this will be a house of happiness and joy.


That's great news - congrats!

Wow - good for you!

Yay!!! GREAT NEWS!! COngratulations.

Just think - soon all your house decorating/cleaning/tidying/reno/comfy-making efforts will be for the three of you!!

Not some Landlord.

I'm so pleased for you. Enjoy!!!

Ooooh, congratulations! Very grown up indeed!

YAY! Big congrats to you both. Love that photo of you guys standing in front of the signs. Very exciting. Can't wait to see pictures of the new place when you move in (no pressure to share with the world, no, none at all!!).


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