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The thrill of the hunt! I've been here with the boys for 11 years now, but I still remember the Hunt For The House. It took a little while, but we found the ideal place in EXACTLY the area we wanted. (In the McKinnon zone. So the area available was pretty small.)

I'm sure that you'll have the same luck. Have fun with the looking.

Hmmm, bedrooms do look like a pretty good size.

I like the look of this one - looks like it's worth saving if you know what I mean.

Now is definitely a better time to be buying than the last time you posted about looking at houses.

I've got a little bubble of excitement for you. There's something prosaic and very beautiful about the idea of a good, solid house (even with a manky kitchen).

I like the sound of a sun room, too! Fingers crossed.

Fingers x'd, Janet !!

I quite like the layout of the house, and I agree about the bedrooms, I hate teeny tiny squishy bedrooms. Seems like a bit of work for G, but I think he will love it! Best of luck xo

: ) how exciting!! the layout is really quite nice!! we have a small house with a fantastic smart layout and that makes a huge difference in how it all works in the end :) wish i had a sunroom, that would be dreamy!

woohoo! I agree to wait for the auction..the house across the road from us didn't sell at auction a few weeks ago, not even one bid, and it's in a great position,so close to west st shops. And then my grandmothers house in oak park didn't reach the reserve (but I think it was a bit high really)...so it seems like lots of auctions are flunking.

my only query would be not having a hallway, if you have one now, you might miss it.

The kitchen has a certain charm but I guess it would be pretty unworkable. Still, looks like there is a lot of charm in that house to be coaxed back to life - how exciting!

That kitchen ( and condition of the house) is almost identical to our first house, purchased in Brunswick in 1988.... we just painted the cupboards and walls and sanded the floor to clean it up until we had money a few years later for proper cupboards and benches, don't let mankiness dissuade you if everything else is ok. Ours was an ex squat and drug den and the ( green) bath was BLACK!

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