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Good luck with the auction Janet, I'll be thinking of you ! Cheers, Mags xo

Moss stitch has always been my favourite. Don't know why. It just seems to look right on whatever you're doing.

Good luck!

I so hear you about the whole knitting=meditation. I've almost finished a pair of lounging socks I started last night (knew I was a wee bit stressed when I woke up at 4am this morning, lay there for half an hour then gave up and was knitting my 4:30am). And I feel much much less stressed.

To be totally selfish, I don't need another 'craft blog'. I like yours as it's more life-centric, rambling and true. Craft, kids, GARDEN, house, beautiful photography, food, work, health, the lot.

Some of these blogs I feel like it's just some words to prop up their etsy store, or other business aspirations.

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