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Congratulations Janet.

Painting Grace's room so she gets first dibs on the homeliness sounds like a great plan.

I'm so pleased for you. It must be auspicious!

What a relief for you all. When I was a lurker I know there had been some houses you missed out on. This one sounds definitely meant to be.

A little bit of buy in from Grace on what she would like in her room and she'll be right!

Congratulations on the new house!

Congrats again, Janet.

You mightn't believe in the Gods Colluding and Colliding - but I sure do. I would be wetting myself with excitement over the power of "8".

It's meant to be, and it's meant to be good


So fantastic! And I agree with H&B - any luck can't hurt to help you on the way. I so clearly recall that exhaustion and the list making, and the smells and disgustingness. The standing around and looking and thinking. It's the beginning of a great adventure and we all wish you lots of inspiration and joy :-) xxx

hooray! best wishes for your new home.I'm sure you will all settle in quickly now.Lots of hardwork, planning and dreaming ahead for you.

All those 8s, it does sound auspicious! And if it was worth re-scheduling the Olympic Opening Ceremony for those numbers, well it must have some clout.

Very excited for you.There is nothing so exciting as a blank canvas waiting to be painted on.

Janet, I feel teary with joy for you. The house, despite it's crumbliness, looks so perfect for you, just the kind of place for you to transform into something wonderful.

how exciting
making a new space into your home

I'm so thrilled and trembly for you!

And my birthday is on the 8th. It's always been my favourite number.

Well, the feng shui dudes would be dancing in the aisles at all those eights.

Couldn't be more auspicious if you tried.

I don't really believe in it all. But I don't not believe it either. And in this case, I feel like I do believe it.

"there was a lot of standing around and looking"...such a gorgeous sentence.

Congratulations, Janet! And enjoy the new clothesline.

A eightish sort of day indeed.
To imagine the many little displays that will be set up in the light on that windowsill!
The cleaning sounds daunting but satisfying.
It took my three-year-old about four months to start calling our new house "our house." He thought our new house was "broken".

Man, this is so exciting. A houde rife with potential!

I'm so excited for you Janet, I still remember the first day in our house, I don't think I'll ever forget it. It felt like I was an adult at last.. I've since done things to dispel that feeling :)

Hi Janet, thanks for your comment :) it's all about priority setting with the small amounts of time I do have! Thanks for your support though, you've been grand. x

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