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I really do hope we still do it when we're little old ladies. And you were awesome for clearing out the Backlog of Shame, when you so clearly wanted to do something newnewnew.

As for the lemon tart thing, no-one seemed to mind that my toffee sauce for the date pud was crystalline (because I kept leaving the all-important stirring to have my go at Pictionary)- I think we are all so grateful to be cooked for and also we'd all probably had quite a lot of wine by dessert time.


sounds like fun
what a shame i can't sew to save myself :)

Your mosaic is lovely. Almost as lovely as the sexy pj pants!

Thank YOU for being my partner in organising.

"... covered in car hair and failure..."

Love it!

Oh you have to tell me where you went... and when the next one is. Unless it's privileged info of course.

Kat, definitely not privileged info - we go to Sewjourn http://www.sewjourn.net.au/ It's lovely.

Well done for clearing out the 'bag of shame' - that must be such a great feeling. And here's to 70+++

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