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Yes! I've never been much of a political animal, but boy (girl?) I am at the moment! Actually, I was shocked at how exhilarated I've been, and yes.. the school pickup was absolutely buzzing. It felt important.

I was home sick yesterday, so I sat on the couch with my quilt and the internet and the tv and my knitting. We tried to explain our excitement to Dan with pretty limited success.

I was pleased to see Annabel Crabb reporting the events, not least because she tweets about getting her kids to Canberra for the event (she had to take them, she's breastfeeding) and that the scarf she was wearing was handknitted by her Mum. I love her for being honest about the impact of her work and family on each other, for messing with the idea that being "professional" means pretending your family responsibilities don't exist.

I think if Kevin07 had spoken as well as he did in the farewell speech he wouldn't have been where he wasn't today. I also found the pic of him sitting lonely on the backbench very sad. On the upside I think Julia will be great. I really do. She inspires me with confidence. Now what I want to see is her win an election and have the job in her her right, so to speak.

Did you see that when she and Tony Abbott shook hands in parliamnet she said "game on". Funny.

Fabulous post, Janet!
I love that you were knitting and washing while listening to the unfolding of history. "Women's work" has just expanded massively!
I have thought a million things about all this since yesterday - I'm glad you said some of them for me.

So well said Janet, you put so many of the threads together. As Karen said, I loved the picture of your life occurring while you listened and thought about the political changes and what this means when you tell your daughter that women can do these things - not just because we say they can but because it is really happening!!
Sad about K Rudd because he started out with such promise, but at least he slayed the Howard beast, and got the apology done with such aplomb.
All the way with Ms J now!!

Janet, you've summed up my feelings about this in every way! I was so disappointed to see stupid, arrogrant Facebook comments immediately following the spill, because I'm full of hope for her and for her government. I'm so glad that others feel the same way, and see Julia in a similar light; an intelligent and capable person who is going to give it a real go.

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